Revolutionary Organic Oil Spill Cleanup with A Plus Absorbent
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Working together we can revolutionize oil spill cleanup! Our A+ absorbent can stop oil from fouling birds mammals and reptiles at sea, clean tidewaters of oil US EPA approved, organic, and biodegradable. This exciting environmentally friendly oil spill cleanup material can be the ecofriendly solution to a major disaster. Get excited and spread the word about the revolution in petroleum spill clean up and containment. This is your chance to make a difference in really cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, but takes YOU to do it.
We have the ability to produce large quantities of “A+ Absorbent” an organic, high efficiency, fast acting oil absorbent. The A+ Absorbent is an organic reed sedge peat. The product is from an aquatic environment where it is part of the ecosystem of mammals, birds, and reptiles.
Once the absorbent takes on the oil it will not give it up. When the absorbent has taken on all of the oil, the oil cannot foul, birds, or fish, or mammals, or reptiles, such as frogs etc crawling on the used absorbent and will not be releasing oil into the waters. The absorbent will pull oil from open water, aquatic tideland areas, and land.
  • This may eliminate the ecologically destructive effects of steaming of beaches and tidewater areas.
  • A+ is bio active providing a complete bioremediation process so that if the absorbent is not recovered, even if fully saturated, it will allow native vegetation to grow through and feed from the absorbent, while naturally occurring microbes break down the oil to a plant usable form of nutrient.

A+ can be sent in a number of sizes of material, fines (sheen removal), coffee ground size, or 1.5" x 1.5" by 2" to 4" pellet size. There are designs for 2 foot by 2 foot pillows and 4 foot x 4 foot mats. These designs have been tested for use with positive results.

A+ when fully sorbed with oil has a surface tension that tends to hold the material together.

Used A+ can be retrieved from water with a fine pocketed mesh.

A+ can be used by persons experienced in handling fine materials.

Application is limited only by your imagination:
  • fire bomber bulk
  • shoveled
  • blown (airborne fine materials can be hazardous in confined spaces)
  • bulk dump spreader

We have large reserves and can process them quickly. We will have mobilization costs to produce quickly, for this emergency, the large quantities you need as soon as possible.
As a rule of thumb: 40,000 pounds of absorbent will absorb 8,500 gallons of oil (under optimal conditions.)
With your assistance I believe we can consistently produce 60 to 120 ton per day of bulk material to be shipped in 20 or 40 foot containers.
***(REVISED to 500 tons per day would absorb approximately near 110,000 gallons per day) WRW 5-3-10

We have clean up experience from both:
  • the 1989 Valdez oil spill in Alaska
  • the 2001 285,000 gallon on land oil spill which occurred near Livengood, Alaska.
A+ Absorbent meets the definition of a “sorbent” as specified in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), sections 300.5 and 300.915(g) of the National Contingency Plan (NCP). A+ Absorbent is a sorbent material and consists solely of the materials listed in section 300.915(g) (1) of the NCP.
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